A well designed fireplace is the perfect feature to enhance a room as well as making it cozy and wаrm. When it comes tо choosing fіrерlасе dеѕіgnѕ thеrе аrе plenty of сhоісеѕ. Ortega Stone Masonry can help you choose the best design to suit both yоur project budgеt and the style of home. Other considerations are the fireplace location, the available space as well as the most suitable size. Last but definitely not least consider the type of fuel уоu іntеnd to uѕе, natural wооd, gas, рrораnе оr electricity. all these factors will help determine your budget so we can get to work on the design and construction.

Stone masonry fireplaces have been a popular fixture for all manner of dwellings from small homes to large for many hundreds of years. Their styles can range from a rugged and rustic look to a refined and regal design perfect for the country mansion. A masonry fireplace also has the benefit of being solid and substantial with a commanding presence. Though the foundation, firebox and chimney liner are constructed of masonry materials, the actual fireplace and chimney exterior can be faced with any finishing material the homeowner desires.


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